Restaurants in Stockholm, Gulddraken


Up until the industrialisation in the mid 1800s each home in Sweden produced what they needed to survive. The food mainly consisted of porridge, herring, pork, soup, pees, potatoes and bread, to name but a few things. It was very rare that the food was fresh, most often it was preserved during the fall.  It was really only for Christmas that families were able to enjoy fresh food.

A lot has changed since then. Now a days the Swedes are all about fresh food and we take eating well quite seriously. As a result there are quite a few prizes to determine weather or not a restaurant is good or not. Gulddraken is one of these.

Handed out a couple of weeks ago, January 25th, to restaurants of different categories. Behind the prize we find Krogkommissionen, which is a part of Sweden’s largest newspaper, DN – Dagens Nyheter (Today’s New). The newspaper has been reviewing restaurants since 1975.

They visit each restaurant three times and each time at least by two people from Krogkommissionen are present. If the two people from Krogkommissionen disagree, or if the restaurant is exceptionally bad or good a fourth visit is made. It is different people in different constellations that make these three visits and the tests are made different days of the week in order to determine how the restaurant preforms under different circumstances.

These are the winners 2013 –

Gulddraken lyx (the luxury option) Frantzén/Lindeberg
Gulddraken mellan (the middle option) Ekstedt
Gulddraken budget (the budget option) Speceriet
Gulddraken bar (the bar option) Tjoget
Gulddraken fynd (the find option Esperanto

Each year there is also a guest judge. This year it was AA Gill, the renowned food critic of, amongst others, the Sunday Times. Praising Swedish Food, he too appointed Frantzén/Lindeberg the winner.
AA  Gills gästdrake (the guest judge’s choice) Frantzén/Lindeberg

These are some of the very best restaurants that Stockholm has to offer at the moment. Be sure to let us know if you do go to explore on your own, we certainly can’t wait.